The activities of 'Route sans Frontière Parrainages'

Created on Monday, 02 January 2012

The one and only activity of the association “Route sans Frontière Parrainages” is to give financial aid to Senden Home. This is through one-off donations or regular donations. We propose sponsoring to those who wish to contribute financially to our association either by sponsoring one child in particular, or by sponsoring the Home as a whole. Through the individual sponsorships, moral support is brought to the sponsored children as well.

Our financial aid allows SENDEN HOME to work in two areas :

1) For the running of the BINANGONAN CENTRE 
As from May 2009, it is the only centre which accommodates children. It is situated at 354 Quarry Road, PANTOK – DARANGAN – BINANGONAN – RIZAL. This centre can accommodate 50 boys. A little girlIt is both a Home and a temporary accommodation centre which acts as a place of transit for children between life in the streets and a return home. The children taken in are aged between 7 and 12. They have generally lived some time in the streets. While the children are at the centre, the social workers try to find trace of their parents or family.

While the children are at the Centre :
- they have a roof over their heads,
- they are fed (3 meals a day and 2 small snacks),
- they receive necessary medical care
- they are decently clothed
- they receive an appropriate instruction on the premises (how to read and write as well as activities designed to develop creativity),
- they go for outings and have enough time to do some sport and to have fun and enjoy themselves,
- they are given rules of community life as well as rules of hygiene (the children do the housework, the washing up and wash their own clothes).

The social services try to :
- do research into the child’s past, to produce legal papers (birth certificates, etc....),
- facilitate the child’s possible return into his family,
- give guidance and advice to the parents and children. 

Some boysIn 12 to 18 months the children get used to community life and a long term solution is found for them - either a return to their family or long term accommodation in the Home. .

The Centre de Binangonan is also a long term accommodation Centre :
It is a Home for boys who cannot return home (either because their parents or family cannot be found, or because their return is not wanted by the family). All these boys go to school outside the Centre, in primary or secondary schools. They take part in all the household chores. After school, they help with the pigs and the poultry as well as the gardening.

The social services :
- continue to do research into the children’s past, 
- go to visit the families regularly (when there is one) in order to prepare for the child’s possible return ,
- give guidance and advice to the families and the children.

2) For the Programme of Family Help (FAMILY OUTREACH PROGRAM) 
About 60 children have been taken charge of. This also allows many families to be given moral support as well as material help.
The beneficiaries of the FOP are usually those children who had been taken in at the Home and who have since been able to return to their families. In this programme, Senden Home also takes care of girls who cannot go to school because of the poverty of their situation. 

Family's homeSenden Home tries to give a primary education and then a secondary one to these children and to pay for their school fees, their transport, their uniforms, their books and school needs. The children are followed up to the end of their schooling and during their professional training.

Senden Home also gives to the child’s family a small financial aid as well as help for food. Necessary medical care is given when required.

One Sunday a month, the parents or the children’s tutors and the children get together for sessions of family education and other subjects related to family life. The social workers visit the families and the children’s teachers regularly. They give guidance and advice to the parents and children. 

An association, “Senden Home Old Boys”, has been founded. It is for the use of all the “old boys”, those who had been taken in by Senden Home when they were children. It offers help in finding employment as well as giving one–off financial help when this is considered necessary. Each request is taken into account and considered separately. The accounts related by these “old boys” who have managed to pull through and make it in life are a wonderful example of hope for the younger boys.

The Home has 15 salaried personnel at its expense: social workers, youth workers, house parents and other personnel at the Home.

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