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Present functioning of sponsorships :

1- A child is attributed by name to each person or group of people who request to sponsor (to contact us, go to our page how to contact us).

2- Each sponsor is sent an up-date report with information concerning his or her child to be sponsored.

3- When the child is old enough to leave the Home, the sponsors are informed of his departure and the sponsorship of a younger child recently arrived at the Home is proposed to them.

4- Some people prefer the choice of sponsoring the Home as a whole rather than sponsoring one particular child.

5- Each sponsor pays 20 Euros a month. The payment maybe made monthly, half yearly or annually or else by a monthly standing order whichever is most convenient.  

6- Each semester, we send on the amount collected, with a donation certificate detailing the sum donated by each sponsor. 

7- At the beginning of each year, the sponsors receive a receipt for tax purposes showing the amounts that they have actually paid between the 1st January and the 31st December of the preceding year.

8- Each sponsor writes directly to the child he sponsors (child’s name, c/o Senden Home, 354 Quarry Road, - Darangan – Binangonan – Rizal -Philippines). We suggest not to forget his birthday or Christmas. It is possible to send a small gift, but be careful – the postage is expensive. It is also advisable not to send an expensive gift as this could create envy and jealousy. 

9- The sponsors who wish to do so may send to the association a sum intended for a gift for the child they sponsor (birthday, Christmas.) This amount is sent to SENDEN HOME with the half yearly sponsoring fund which is sent in June and in December. The person in charge at the Home can take the responsibility for buying the gift wanted over there, or he can give the money to the child or to his family. 

10- – Becoming a member of the association “Route Sans Frontière Sponsorship” is not mandatory. It serves to cover the cost of postage (subscription for the year 2009: 3 Euros, which can be given in stamps.) To become a member, click here.

The whole amount paid by the sponsors and the donations received are sent in their entirety to Senden Home for the street children of Manila. .


Route sans Frontière parrainages, association loi 1901

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