Floods in Manila in August

Created on Saturday, 05 October 2013

 AUGUST 2013

The months of August and September have been very trying for our Filipino friends because of the torrential rains and violent winds.

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For nine hours on Saturday 28th September 2013, the tropical cyclone Ketsana hit Manila full on, pouring onto the Filipino capital and its surroundings torrential rain causing the worst floods that it has known for 40 years. These rains paralyzed the transport system, the administration and the schools.

At least 20,000 people had to abandon their homes, and the poorest, those living near the sewers and the flooding rivers in the slums of this metropol

inondations-manille 19_aout_2013_02

is of 15 million inhabitants, are the most vulnerable.

The toll of the floods which devastated the country have, at the last count, amounted to at least 240 dead and about 400,000 homeless.

There were very heavy rains at Binangonan as well which disturbed the life of the home and stopped the children from going to school. A lot of them are ill at the moment (coughs, bronchitis, fevers….).  Luckily the home is built on a hill and hasn’t undergone any major damage. Repair and renovation work undertaken at the beginning of 2013, thanks to a donation by Total, to protect the home from the rain, allowed the dormitories and the refectory/multi activity area to go undamaged. Staff and children greatly appreciate these installations!

However numerous families helped by Senden Home have unfortunately had damage to their makeshift living quarters. 


Route sans Frontière parrainages, association loi 1901

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