A shanty town in Tondo (Manila) went up in flames

Created on Sunday, 10 January 2016

We know this shanty town well as we have been there several times. Most of the huts are made of very light and inflammable material. The tiny lanes made evacuation for the inhabitants very difficult. Three people died and close to 400 were wounded. Jack and his brother-in-law were able to save the paralyzed grandfather, while Jill fled to get her baby to safety.

Jack, Jill and her family have lost everything, the flames have devastated everything... they will have to start all over again from nothing... And none of these families have insurance!

Only a few unstable walls and some corrugated iron sheets remain...

Jack wanted to return and sleep on the spot, so that squatters wouldn't take over their parcel of land, while Jill, her husband and their baby have been taken in temporarily by the family.

Most of these families find themselves in the street, on the footpath, in makeshift tents.

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Route sans Frontière parrainages, association loi 1901

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